03-15 months

We offer Full and part time care in our baby room. There is a high ratio of staff to babies to enable us to provide the personal level of attention that babies demand at this stage.


Prior to starting at Honeybear House, a member of staff will discuss any routine you may have developed at home to enable us to follow the same routine as much as possible.


Our baby room is equipped with its own cot room, nappy changing room and milk kitchen.

The room is laid out to enable all activities to be carried out at floor level.


The room has a black and white area. Research has suggested that babies find it easier to focus on black and white tones and graphics. High contrast colours such as black and white encourage babies’ visual and physical development. Our black and white area includes a variety of textured equipment for babies to reach and grab such as material, plastic spoons, brushes and soft toys.


We also have activity toys, support walking development, have a sensory equipment area, enjoy stories and singing. We also introduce messy play especially through food and art work such as hand painting.


The room is also equipped with high chairs and a feeding chair for bottle feeds.