15 - 24 months

Piglets is designed as our toddler room but children are able to move between rooms at their own pace.


The children in Piglets experience a lot of activities that allow them to explore a variety of play and develop speech & social skills.


We have a messy tray which is used for sand, water, dry pasta, cereals and gloop (cornflour and water).


We have painting and mark making activities which enable children to experience textures freely.


The room also has a role-play and construction area, which help to develop hand eye co-ordination.


We have a story area where we offer daily story and song sessions. Stories, rhymes and singing time help promote their use of language and communication skills.


We have a sensory area as well as offering musical and ICT toys.


The children are also offered physical activities such as dancing and an indoor parachute game.


The room also offers a nappy change room and a cot room to still allow the children to keep to their own routines.