Honeybear House key person approach


At Honeybear House we have a key person system that helps the child settle at nursery. The key person is decided before a child starts and will meet them and the parents during the settle in visits.


Attachment and forming relationships is the basis of our keyperson approach.


A good key person system helps children to settle and feel secure at nursery.

By having a positive relationship with staff this will help with stress, health, forming relationships, language development and self-esteem.


The child’s happiness, development and welfare are the most important aspects of our role as nursery workers and having a correct approach will reinforce this.


The aim of the keyperson approach is for every child to have a special person when they come to nursery. A person who cuddles them, makes them feel welcome, helps them overcome problems, gain trust, supports their needs, offers encouragement, gives praise and supports their long term development in forming relationships.


“The key person co-ordinates information about the individual child’s needs and development and shares this with parents/carers and other workers to maintain consistency and continuity of care”

~ Ofsted


Partnership Between Staff and Parents

We arrange preliminary visits for all children before they attend Honeybear House. These visits also give parents the opportunity to get to know the staff in your child’s group.

All staff will converse on a day by day basis with parents/carers when dropping off and collecting their children discussing how the child has been, what they have been doing, and a progress report on specific areas such as potty training. The Roos room complete a daily record sheet for each child for the parent / carer to take home. All other groups complete a daily summary sheet for all children advising what has been eaten each day and what activities have been undertaken.