The nursery benefits from two large garden play areas and a separate growing area.


All rooms have direct access into the garden allowing us to free flow and give the children as much time outside as possible.

The gardens are completely secure with access only through the nursery.


Roos and Piglets have direct access to our baby garden with equipment especially suitable for our younger children. By not having to share the garden with the older children it allows them room to explore the outside area and fit in around their routines.


We provide outdoor playsuits to allow the younger children full enjoyment of the outside area in all weathers.


Tiggers and Owls have direct access to our large garden with specially designated areas including our huge sandpit and role play construction area.


We use the gardens as an outdoor classroom. As well as offering challenging but safe physical activities we have mark making, role play, maths games and a den area.


Separated from this garden is our growing garden where children grow flowers, herbs and vegetables using our low level planters.


The food the children plant and grow then goes into our kitchen to help them understand nature and life cycles.